Mobile POS

Accept payments on the go and in real time wherever your business takes you by turning your mobile device or tablet into a secure handheld terminal.

The best way to accept payments on the go

Thousands of small business owners — including general contractors, limos and taxi fleets, artisans and professional services companies — rely on mobile applications to accept payments when delivering services and selling goods on the go. Accepta’s Mobile App is the best way to accept credit cards with any iOS or Android mobile device (tablet or phone).

Tablet, smartphone, and several SwipeSimple devices


SwipeSimple is the mobile application simple enough to get you up and running in minutes. Powerful enough to save you time and money from day one. Use your own phone, tablet or computer to collect sales. Accept secure payments wherever and whenever your customers want to buy.

  • Receive payments using your own computer.
  • Invoice your customers with just a few clicks.
  • Receive payments anywhere you can paste a link.
  • Save money on transaction costs with a SwipeSimple Bluetooth card reader.
Tablet, smartphone, and several SwipeSimple devices


It’s the affordable, fully mobile payment app that lets you manage your business from your Apple, Android or Amazon smartphone or tablet. Use it alone or link it to a payment device, accept any form of payment your customers want.

  • Powerful reporting dashboard.
  • Comprehensive tip management.
  • Generate digital invoices by text message or email.
  • Card tokenization on file

    Save on every transaction when using your mobile device.

    With a modern Bluetooth credit card reader, you don’t have to spend time manually typing in card numbers or pay higher transaction costs.

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