Business referral partner program

Earn more with ACCEPTA’s business referral program

As an ACCEPTA Business Referral Partner, you will have unlimited opportunities to earn revenues from the transactions your referral accounts process, as well as access to ACCEPTA’s marketing, customer service, technical support, and account management tools and resources. Your referred businesses will also benefit from an expedited approval process, 24/7 customer and technical support, with a higher service-offer value.

Referred Business Benefits

  • Access to multiple payment processors and set-up options to ensure every solution is tailored to foster business growth and exceed the end-consumer expectations
  • 24/7 bilingual customer and technical
    support, delivered by our experienced team
  • Accurate and detailed rate quotes with full disclosure of all potential fees

Referred Business Benefits

  • Higher revenues through ACCEPTA’s residual commission structure.
  • Access to ACCEPTA’s secure, online affiliate resource center, which provides real-time activity, lead reporting, and residual earning
  • Access to ACCEPTA’s advanced lead tracking system which ensures you receive credit, and payment, for every referred lead.
  • Ongoing support from the customer service and technical support teams.
  • Full support from a credible, stable and growing organization which values your business and cares about your customers.

Business Referral Partner Requirements

  • Individual or Corporation within the US
  • Continuous access to your customer’s portfolio
  • Passionate about your business

Partner with us today.

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