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Accepta FastPay+™

Let customers pay using a secure payment link that’s hosted by us and generated by you. You send a link, your customer pays, and you get paid.

Creating a payment link is as easy as 1, 2, 3

A payment link is a URL or QR code that starts an online transaction. It can be sent by email or by text. By clicking on the payment link, the customer opens a payment portal or page that’s pre-loaded with the details of the purchase. The customer can then choose their favorite payment methods such as credit card or a variety of alternative payment methods and confirm the payment.


Generate Your Payment Link via Dashboard.


Enter Purchase Information and Customer Contact Details to share link via SMS or Email.

Step 3

Accept Payments, and Receive notifications in real time.

Features & benefits

Easy and Fast to Set Up

Connecting this payment method is effortless. Sending a payment link does not require integration with a payment gateway or an API. There’s no need to create a payment page.

All you need to do is connect to the ACCEPTA FastPay+™ client interface. Here, you will be able to create payment links, monitor payment statuses in real-time, analyze incoming revenues, and generate reports.

Secure Way to Accept Payments

One of the primary benefits of a payment link is that it gives customers a safe and convenient way to pay an invoice online.

Once your customers click on the payment link, they can pay privately make payments using a debit or credit card, or even ACH. The entire process is simple, secure and easy-to-complete.

More Ways to Reach Your Customers

Payment links allow you to instantly reach your customers wherever they are using their preferred channels – whether it is through social media or a direct link sent via messenger or email.


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Integrate FastPay+™ to your process.

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