Healthcare Payment Processing Solutions

Accepta’s healthcare payment solutions can improve patient satisfaction and simplify the revenue collection and billing processes.  Our payment solutions allow hospitals and medical practices to accept and process credit cards, debit cards, checks, or ACH online, over the phone, or in person.

Benefits of Partnering with Accepta

At Accepta, we know that healthcare organizations are bound by a particular set of rules and regulations when it comes to offering compliant payment processing. Our healthcare payment processing solutions are designed to provide you with everything you need to accept payments seamlessly, quickly, and securely while safeguarding your patients’ sensitive data.


We offer many different payment processing solutions (HIPAA compliant) to meet your healthcare facility needs.

Accepta EZPay® Payment Platform

  • Accept payments online or by phone, through an agent or IVR
  • ACH or credit card payments, one-time or recurring
  • Organized by departments to facilitate your account management
  • Multiple users and departments with consolidated reporting
  • Web based virtual terminal. Turn any computer into your point of sale
  • Immediate integration with IVR and web applications
  • Exportable reports (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, others)

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Accepta BillPay™

  • Maintain your patients up to date on their invoice status
  • Invite your patients to pay directly from their online invoice
  • Send online invoices to your patients and facilitate payments
  • Customize your invoice to reflect your brand
  • Keep track of invoices by uploading them to the platform
  • Synchronize electronic billing with accounting systems
  • ACH or credit card payments, one-time or recurring

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Secure Countertop Devices

  • Reliable physical terminals to process credit and debit cards
  • Accept all electronic payment methods including EMV/chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless
  • Feature end-to-end encryption and tokenization, protecting patient data and ensuring you remain in compliance
  • Access to real time online reporting portal

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Partnering with Accepta will allow your healthcare facility to:

  • Faster revenue collection and improved cash flow. Electronic payments can lead to lower accounts receivable outstanding days and faster accounts receivable updates
  • Better risk management. Electronic transactions eliminate the risk of paper checks getting lost or stolen
  • Improve processing efficiency. Automated data entry and reporting can lead to increased accuracy and lower processing costs
  • Enhanced company service. Providers have more time to spend with patients because the electronic payment system results in less time spent on back-office tasks

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