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Payment processing is a natural complement to any custom software solution, but with new payment methods and value-added solutions constantly emerging in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know which payments partner is progressive enough to stay on ahead of what will be best for your users.

ACCEPTA’s solutions cover all card-present and card-not-present payment requirements. Integrating ACCEPTA’s products into your software will not only provide you with an attractive partner commission plan, but your customers will also benefit from a highly competitive value proposition, backed by a processing partner who always puts the merchant’s needs first.

Partnership Features

  • Multiple front-end processing options
  • Seamless integration and developer-friendly APIs
  • Omnichannel payment acceptance platform
  • A credible, stable, and growing organization that values your business and cares about your customers
  • Ongoing support from in-house service and technical support teams

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Competitive revenue sharing compensation models
  • Increased customer satisfaction with a Customer Service Department which supports merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days every year
  • An expanded ability to serve nearly every industry and process transactions for small- to large- sized merchants
  • Simple merchant portfolio management

Partner Requirements

  • Corporation or Individual
  • Continuous access to a customer portfolio or business vertical
  • Passionate about your business

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